Dr. D. Craig Miller is Annual Henry T. Bahnson Lecturer

Dr. D. Craig Miller, Thelma and Henry Doelger Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine gives annual Henry T. Bahnson Lecture, "Cardiovascular Surgical Lessons Learned and the Revolving Door Between the Operating Room and the Lab".  Pictured from left to right: PG7 Dr. Mohamad Alaeddine, PGY5 Dr. Lara Schaheen, Chairman Dr. James D. Luketich, Dr. D. Craig Miller, PGY3 Dr. Arturo Cardounel, PGY3 Dr. Garrett Coyan, PGY7 Dr. Fred Lee, PGY7 Dr. Harma Turbendian, PGY7 Dr. Fernando Safdie, PGY4 Dr. Lenny Emerel, PGY2 Dr. Laura Seese, Dr. M. Jawad Latif, PGY4 Dr. Natalia Jaimes Vanegas, Dr. Thomas G. Gleason.