Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Fellowship

The pediatric cardiac surgery fellowship offers an investigational year in ventricular mechanical support and a clinical year that will provide extensive exposure in the management of simple and complex congenital heart lesions, including cardiopulmonary transplantation and assist devices. In addition the fellow will be exposed to the application of principles of cardiac and pulmonary physiology to the preoperative and postoperative care of patients undergoing cardiac surgery for acquired cardiac diseases and diseases of the major thoracic vessels with an emphasis on acute intensive care in and out of the intensive care unit—fluid management, pharmacological management, and ventilatory management.

Additionally, the application of the general principles of postoperative surgical care, including incisional and pulmonary care, instruction in basic technical skills and operative techniques, and exposure to the operative therapy of patients with acquired diseases of the heart and major thoracic vessels are components of the experience in cardiac surgery. Additional learning experiences will be the overall understanding of the field of congenital heart surgery with an understanding of congenital heart disease as currently diagnosed and practiced.

This includes the management of infants and children presenting with cyanotic and acyanotic congenital heart disease. This also involves the management of the increasing numbers of adults with congenital heart disease. They are provided with didactic education experiences, including clinical review seminars and research seminars, such that the trainee will be able to establish an outline for his self-education in the focused area of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery.