Detection of Genetic Markers of Lung Cancer

Full Title

Detection of Genetic Markers of Lung Cancer Initiation and Progression

Purpose of Study

The purpose of the intended genetic research is to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of lung cancer patients as well as to identify genetic risk factors that may predict lung cancer risk.

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health

Principal Investigator: Arjun Pennathur, MD


Research Type

Contact Information

Arjun Pennathur, MD

Julie Ward, RN, BSN 


  • Histologic confirmation of non-small cell lung cancer, mesothelioma or a radiographic lesion highly suspicious for malignancy
  • Must be scheduled for a biopsy or surgical resection at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center by one of the study investigators.
  • Agree to collection of blood and tissue samples at the time of surgery

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