Lobectomy versus Sublobar Resection

Full Title

A Phase III Randomized Trial of Lobectomy versus Sublobar Resection for Small (less than or equal to 2 cm) Peripheral Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Purpose of Study

This randomized phase III trial is studying different types of surgery to compare how well they work in treating patients with stage IA non-small cell lung cancer.

Sponsor: National Cancer Institute Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU)

Principal Investigator: Matthew J. Schuchert, MD


Research Type

Contact Information

Matthew Schuchert, MD

Peg Reamer, RN,BSN


  • Peripheral lung nodule less than or equal to 2 cm on CT scan and presumed to be or confirmed to be non-small cell lung cancer.
  • Tumor must be suitable for either lobar or sublobar resection (wedge or segment)
  • No prior malignancy within 3 years other than non-melanoma skin cancer, superficial bladder cancer, or carcinoma in situ of the cervix
  • No prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy for this lung malignancy
  • No evidence of metastatic disease

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