Prospective, international, multi-center, randomized clinical investigation of TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS LUNG) for lung preservation in transplantation


The primary goal is to maintain and support the donor lung at normothermic conditons to minimize damage and ischemic reperfusion injuries. 

Primary endpoint: a composite of patient survival at day 30 post transplantation, and absence of ISHLT Primary Graft Dysfunction Grade 3 in the first 72 (between 0-72 hours) hours post-transplantation. 

Secondary Endpoints:

1. Incidence of ISHLT PGD Grade 3 at 72 hours post transplant.

2. Incidence of ISHLT PGD Grade 2 at 2 or 3 at 72 hours post transplant.

3. Patient survival at day 30.



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Diana Zaldonis